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Why rent an office in Antwerp?

Antwerp is the perfect city for entrepreneurs, and it is not just the “Sinjoren” themselves who say so. After all, quite a few objective indicators prove this. We list them out right here.

Foreign investors flock to Antwerp, a bustling city where new ideas and concepts take center stage. Start-ups and spin-offs enjoy support measures there to grow into thriving companies.

An office in Antwerp is tax-deductible

In Belgium and, therefore also, in Antwerp, investors can rely on a wide range of exciting tax breaks. The notional interest deduction is a notional interest on the equity invested by companies. They may subsequently deduct this interest from taxable profits. With the help of a tax ruling system, they can always check the treatment of their investments. Consequently, legal certainty in Antwerp is high.

How to find a suitable workplace or office space in Antwerp?

Reachability goes hand in hand with accessibility. When the office is located at a busy traffic point, this can cause frustration. Do you have your eye on an office? Do the test yourself and drive there during rush hour. Always ask yourself: is there enough parking for your employees and customers? Is there enough bicycle parking?

Offices for rent Antwerp | Location benefits

Compared to European business cities, or our own Brussels, office space in Antwerp is relatively cheap and nevertheless of excellent quality. Moreover, Antwerp is a constant source of multilingual and especially highly skilled talent thanks to its university and colleges. Therefore, you can easily find qualified staff there, who also tend to live nearby.

Office space Antwerp | Wilrijk, Antwerpen-Zuid, and more

Rent an office in Wilrijk

With its convenient location on the Antwerp ring road, Wilrijk is a great place to work for those who often have to take to the road for customer or supplier visits. Each of our offices for rent in Wilrijk has secure parking. You can quickly move around by convenient public transport too if you wish. Thanks to its strategic location on the outskirts of Antwerp, you will enjoy a competitive price and can rely on plenty of space to do business. Choose an office for rent in Wilrijk with surfaces of up to 432 m2 and an idyllic garden surrounded by water.

Rent an office in Edegem

Being centrally located between Antwerp and Mechelen, Edegem is the ideal base for small and large companies. The strategic location on the outskirts of Antwerp not only allows for a competitive price, but also goes hand in hand with a sea of space. So are you a start-up, medium-sized or international company? The offices are surrounded by greenery and are close to shops, sandwich shops, and other eateries in the city center. A 15-minute walk takes you to the Ter Eiken padel and squash center.

When you conclude a lease in consultation with your landlord, the rent of your office is – in principle – fixed for the entire duration of the lease. However, the landlord may index the rent annually.

If you enter into an office lease, you will have to pay a monthly service charge in addition to the rent. Many tenants are tempted by low rent, but forget to factor the standard charges into their monthly budget. During your search, keep these in mind, and ask for an additional explanation if you come across vague descriptions like ‘miscellaneous charges.’ By asking those questions before signing your office lease, you will save yourself a lot of regrets.

If you choose an office from Brody Offices, you will enjoy access control using a chip, card, tag, or pin. This is more secure working than with a bunch of keys because you can track who walked into the office and when.

Meet other companies in our community

As a tenant of our offices in Antwerp, you join the ‘Brody Offices Community’. This unites companies that rent offices with us and brings entrepreneurs together.

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